The Transition to Renewable Energies in Portugal and the Mold Industry

The Transition to Renewable Energies in Portugal and the Mold Industry We are currently immersed in an environment of transition to a sustainable energy model free of CO2 emissions. This situation is due to the need to combat the greenhouse effect that affects our planet - the main cause of climate change.  

Fortunately, today's society is increasingly aware, and involved in finding and creating solutions that allow us to reduce our ecological footprint and preserve our environment for future generations. As a result of this new awareness, new trends emerged, and governments began to address the issue in a more active and dynamic way.  

According to a study published by Deloitte - “Tendencias globales en energias renovables” - renewable energies have become the most attractive generation technologies for investment in all over the world. A powerful combination of trends between supply and demand has helped solar and wind energy to compete and even surpass traditional energy sources. 

In this line, Portugal is one of the most committed countries in this transition, our country intends to be energy independent from renewable energy sources in 2030. This accomplishment is intended to be achieved through ambitious projects, among which we find a big source of investment, with a strong support from Brussels in transforming Portugal into the largest photovoltaic producer in Europe.  

Nowadays, and considering historical events, this transition where Portugal has reached levels of energy production from renewable sources higher than the country's total demand, is already visible. This phenomenon is enhanced by its privileged structure and endowed with various hydroelectric facilities and wind farms, which, added to the initiatives mentioned in this article, suggest an optimistic future in line with sustainability and energy independence.    

Under this paradigm, and especially in the mold industry, we must consider the sector's new and growing vision towards a circular economy that solidifies our commitment to a sustainable future and our commitment to the environment, keeping its signature of quality.  

Therefore, when carrying out a new project or optimizing the current ones, Santos & Schulz guarantees you high quality plastic injection molds and respect for the environment. Furthermore, at Santos & Schulz we are certified by the ISO 14001:2015, which reaffirms our commitment to the environment and our network of manufacturers, thus opting to increasingly reduce our carbon footprint.  

Our future is everyone's responsibility.