Equiplast 2021, Barcelona

On the 14th and 15th of September, Santos & Schulz was at the Equiplast 2021 fair – International Plastic and Rubber Event – at Fira Barcelona, Spain.  

In a year in which the plastic sector is particularly affected by new policies regarding the single-use plastics and the current socio-economic situation brought by covid-19, the goal of this event was to alienate innovation and sustainability in order to present solutions that reduce the environmental impact and shape the future of plastic.  

We can say that it was a very successful event if we look at the time in which we found ourselves “the after pandemic”, however, our representatives, Bernat Diaz and Joaquim Pedro Santos, who created, at this event, a network of contacts with different sectors, they understand that regarding to the plastic sector and taking into account other editions, there were few exhibitors and less innovation for what was expected.  

Santos & Schulz took the opportunity to meet current customers in person and to establish new partnerships with potential customers who had already been contacted.

Among colleagues and industry professionals, in an environment of mutual help, exchange of experiences and new opportunities, Equiplast 2021 was the return to a reality that was on standby due to covid-19. Among the participants, there were many doubts and uncertainties about the results of this participation, but in the end, more than 12 thousand entries were sold.